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Friday, December 13, 2013

Reaching orgasm with mind

" In short, the neuro - sex is the result of a harmonious integration between imagination and body awareness that is provided by a particular form of breathing ," says Helio Olivares, specialist in clinical hypnosis and regressive .

He says that the art of self-induced pleasure is not new and has its roots in various Eastern Tantric practices , which would have been released in the West in the late '60s, during the revolution of the flowers and the era of the hippies . But in the '70s , when science took up the enthusiasm to explore the potential of the human mind .
But its heyday was when HIV came on the scene , causing havoc with the sex lives of many, according to Barbara Carellas , a writer , artist and sex educator , dedicated to encourage people to explore and expand their sexual , and spiritual possibilities emotional through workshops , coaching programs and publishes books about sex.
Development expert sexuality , states that he learned the art of self - stimulation sex mentally, during the eighties in New York, to see the paranoia that caused so much suffering and death from AIDS .
He says that since then began to look for alternative ways to feel pleasure without risk of infection and found . Today he is an expert .
" I really like the solo sex. Only I'm not married to the idea of ​​sex with your partner, I think our society is extremely limited in their perception of sexuality, " he says.
Is that it is the neuro -sex, " " alternative for those couples who do not " vibrate as before," proposes , like this motivating frantic pleasures, Helio Olivares specialist .
"It can help the couple to reconnect and re-experience the desire for each other ," he says . Anyway , he says that most people would unknowingly applying the technique . This is because the neuro - define sex when a person is allowed to have a sexual fantasy or " daydreaming " with something related to sex.
"However , so that you can experience more fully , as recommended, is to learn self hypnosis and then use this tool in the context of sexuality ," advises Olivares dedicated to providing workshops on the continent.
Sex ? Cold ?
"Sex is one of the basic instincts that allow us to perpetuate the species , as well as the instinct to attack and escape , feeding , so there is more rooted in the thing that human sexual act ," says psychologist Joseph Luis Rojas having varied studies in hypnosis.
Ensures that is possible to get only the mind induced orgasm, because our body has an infinite amount of nerve endings which when stimulated , are processed in the brain . In turn , the brain does not distinguish fantasy from reality only perceive and enjoy or suffer according fibers that have been stimulated .
" The neuro - sex activates the brain's reward system , which is our limbic system and initiates an escalation in the process of pleasure and as pleasant, human beings tend to repeat it ," he explains .
Also states that practice mental sex is easier for women than men. "Women are more auditory, is more skin , fantasy and this is due to the nature of caring mothers of the next generation."
However, he is emphatic in stating that the wrapping mentally as desired, it is necessary and essential to have proper breathing , as it helps the body mostly stimulates the enter more or less oxygen , and hyperventilation that even can lead to hallucinatory states .
How do I practice ?
The Chilean psychologist who is currently studying in Italy , said that simply regulating the breathing and practicing self hypnosis . The first step of course will learn how to regulate breathing to reach states of consciousness necessary to stir or calm the breath as it goes live in the trance.
Then learn in 3 or 4 sessions of self hypnosis techniques , which also teaches how to breathe , think and feel , they could achieve states of consciousness and pleasant person would emotionality linking to your bodily sensations. Besides , the expert said that these hypnotic states one would be able to create a private world around them and enjoy it intensely.
"People now do not give the time and feel that we are in the making . I think if people feel more and do less , we would live in a healthier society , "he reflects .
For this reason, invites to practice either solo and partner to enjoy endogenous endorphins and neurotransmitters that produce pleasure .
But he warns that the practice of neuro -sex, could eventually become addicted to sex robots neurocópulas and forget the true essence of sex in their enjoyment , passion and commitment that involves a sexual act between two .
And in that case , the key would be to know the thinking mold to define these new realities and dare to dream of being help create more stimulating and magical lives.

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