Frugal World: How to clean a wedding dress in a home

Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to clean a wedding dress in a home

After the wedding most brides end up with your precious wedding dress dirty, mostly this is stained with juice, alcohol, meals, cake and endless things that can stain the dress during the party. Most women wonder how clean the wedding dress? There are several ways to restore this dress, one of the most used is leading to a dry cleaner. But if you want to save the expenses after the party, you can clean this piece in a home, quickly and easily.

- Hand wash: Avoid scrubbing and tissues that may be damaged, you should very gently wash the garment until it is clean. It is very important that you get the ideal products for each wearing the dress fabric as a single product can not clean the entire dress.

- Tips: Avoid heat them in the spots that only in this way will achieve that stains harden and not leave the dress.
During washing it should not pull the dress or wring it, since the shape of the garment may be distorted and then serve no more.

- Dry or water: Either forms are ideal for cleaning the dress, only if it is a heavily reinforced dress dry cleaning is recommended to prevent change shape or break.

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