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Friday, December 13, 2013

Three girls playing penises engaged in a noble cause ..

At this point in the film, thanks to the plethora of modernitos that abound in urban centers, almost everyone already knows the Movember movement. However, as some are clueless, we briefly summarize what is to keep them, to resort to Wikipedia (of anything). Movember is an initiative of good vibes by which men who (think they) are left are cool mustache during the month of November for a good cause: the fight against prostate cancer.

Well, mostachudos friends, your movement is a poo-de-la-cow compared to what they have done three French little girls to raise money to fight prostate cancer. I repeat: caca-de-la-cow. Mola much the idea of ​​a brunette, a blonde and a redhead, who spent the afternoon sob├índole pack a lot of men on the streets of Paris. So yeah, man already! So yes!
The three girls asearon hands with a disinfectant cremita and undertook their task with the blessing of a good bunch of guys, who volunteered willingly to practice man-vase. So, as you witness the video post, spent hours raiding knights down the street and placed his hands on the crotch of some of them. By the way I called a lot of attention sobeteo different ways of employing the three. Note that the redhead is the looser. Girl with determination about every man and grabs and shakes the testes very brash. At the midpoint, the brunette recreates sometimes, sometimes puts his hand as commitment. A lime and sand. Long, the demure is the blonde who barely touches her delicate hands with the noble parts of his 'assaulted', like a novice permit ...
The action was much more striking than productive, and that despite their efforts, our three heroines only managed to raise 520 EURET, a trifle to fight prostate cancer, infinitely less than Movember. In any case, I welcome your idea ... and may soon spread to every city in the world, please!
PS. Sure it has happened to everyone (and all) by the head, but not going to stop saying it. I think there is something in this idea of ​​positive discrimination, because to see who is the handsome fondling breasts intends to fight breast cancer.

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